Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Ashland Railroad 5K

Thank goodness there was an extra weekend in April - this allowed me to run my April race!  We are four months into the year and I have kept up with my new year's goal of running one race a month!

Tyler and I ran the Ashland Railroad 5K.  This race started in the middle of town and was an out and back loop following the railroad tracks.  It was a cool and crisp morning for a race.  The sun was up bright in the sky, dew on the grass, and the town was bustling with activity!  At the start of the race we had to pass lots of walkers and slower runners.  Tyler was on a mission to pass everyone and be out front - i however wanted to enjoy the which was much different from running the city sidewalks!  We ran down the railroad tracks and saw fields and could smell the country air....it was heavenly.  As we turned around to come to the finish, the walkers and those with jogging strollers were cheering us on.  Runners are so friendly.  People run for different reasons, but we all cheer each other on.  It brought a smile to my face as I came to the finish line.  It may have only been a 5K, but I felt such a sense of accomplishment when I crossed the finish line!