Thursday, January 6, 2011

runners are so friendly

It might be this way in all cities, but I feel like Richmond has some of the friendliest runners.  I love when I am out and haven't yet gotten into a rhythm and here comes a runner who smiles and says hello.  It is such a pick me up!  I feel the pep in my step and the next runner I see I smile and say hello.  I feel as though there is an understanding between runners:  we are all out on the roads for the same person, ourselves.  
During my 3 miles tonight, I kept crossing paths with the same girl.  We smiled the first time, laughed the second time we passed, and the third time she said, "We keep passing each other - enjoy the rest of your run!"  We were both so happy to be out in the crisp air and running!  I should have stopped and asked her about her running and if she was looking for a new running buddy.  Maybe next time if I see her!
If I see you out on the road, you better believe I am going to smile and say hello!

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