Monday, February 21, 2011

stress relief

Running is a pretty inexpensive sport, once you buy the shoes and the cute clothes and the songs for your iPod.  Well, OK, maybe it isn't THAT inexpensive.  But it is pretty easy to lace up and head out the door when you are feeling stressed.

Stress isn't the word I would use to describe the last few weeks...overwhelmed. fatigued.  School and work have kept me off the road for a while.  I have set my alarm early a few mornings but hit snooze because I wanted the sleep more than I wanted to run.  I come home from class thinking I will get a few miles in, but decide to get some reading done or an early start on the paper due next week.  

Tonight I remembered that I am running a half marathon on Sunday.  13.1 miles for my February race.  I figured I should get a long run in before the weekend, so I laced up and headed out for 7 miles.  The weather was perfect for running!  The sun was setting so it wasn't in my eyes.  The cloud cover kept the cool air close to the ground.  I hit play on my iPod and put one foot in front of the other.  I forgot how good it felt to run.  I wasn't excited about having to run for over an hour...but then I hit mile 1 then mile 2 then mile 3 then I turned on Monument and was headed home.

I used this time to unwind and think about everything I have accomplished when I am not on the road.... I also thought about all the things I needed to accomplish this week, including running the Colonial Williamsburg Half marathon.  If it wasn't getting dark and my stomach hadn't started growling, I could have kept running.  I was still overwhelmed and I know I will be more fatigued tomorrow.  But I am overwhelmed with how good it felt to be on the road again!  My legs and feet are going to hurt tomorrow, but I will be thankful for the time on the road and got my long run done for the week!

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