Thursday, March 17, 2011

staying true to my asics

If you have ever come to my apartment, you are greeting at the door by this pile of running shoes that Jennings and I have collected.  And yes, we do wear all these shoes.  Each has a purpose in our active social and sports life!

This pile has become smaller as many of these shoes have lived their life.  I have thrown one pair away and donated another 2 pair.  Richmond Road Runner's store in Carytown take shoe donations and sends them to countries who could use the shoes. 

But I can't get rid of some shoes without buying another pair! And my feet are begging for a new pair to  run the Shamrock race this weekend!  I tried on several brands in an array of colors, but I have to stay true to my Asics which I have worn since joining the track team in middle school.

ASICS 2160.  The shoes is the same with some new technology.  The smell of a new pair of shoes is AWESOME!  The first few miles in a brand new pair of shoes is true bliss!  My feet say, AAHHHHHHH!

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